Even the end of the days is a fun scenario when the locuous protagonist of the Deponia trilogy walks by, who unexpectedly returns to action with a new graphic adventure that comes ready to please those who were disappointed with Goodbye Deponia. Gets it? Half; Although there is no denying that Daedalic Entertainment has reshaped a video game quality and above all, fun.



The uncouth humor Deponia Doomsday is already a good excuse to throw hours this fun adventure game style point & click, but is hoping to find a good story to erase the bad memory left in many the outcome of Goodbye Deposited the one that really motivates you to guide for the fourth time the footsteps of the always irreverent Rufus . Daedalic Entertainment itself implied that; That is why today we write these sad lines that have not been achieved. There is potential, as there would be with a story that revolves around travel in time ,


None of this means that Deponia Doomsday is a bad video game. Unlike. The design of his puzzles, the ingenuity of many of his dialogues, the new and histrionic characters that we will encounter ... there is much quality in this work that makes absurd humor its best asset. In that does not change with respect to its predecessors, although we have noticed less spark in the jokes that raises. You'll laugh, of course you will, but the subtlety of old has given way to simplistic jokes that obviously appeal to you. And look at the story gives rise to creating game situations hilarious.



From temporal paradoxes the thing

Imagine for a moment that everything lived in the Deponia trilogy was nothing more than a dream; That the misadventures of Rufus, Goal and company had never happened. Do you have it? Well this is the starting point of this new episode that takes us right at the beginning of everything, to that huge and stinking mountain of garbage that our protagonist calls home no matter how much he tries to escape it. But nothing is as simple as it seems, and less in this mad universe of fiction, so it will not take long to notice that something does not fit. Was it really a dream or is there something else?



With a somewhat irregular narrative rhythm but always keeping high the interest in the story that is told, Deponia Doomsday will soon give us the key to understand this mess: travel in time . A great argument premise that in line with the always narcissistic attitude of Rufus would give to create a story of great quality of fiction, imagine the problems that is capable of generating this type, and yet here is totally wasted. The story never comes to emerge. There are moments of great quality, situations of play so funny that it is impossible not to laugh, but there is also room for boredom, for absurd encounters that do not contribute anything in the argumentative or the playable. That this is another.


It is a very irregular adventure. As soon as surprising as it disappoints

The option of going back in time, the fear of creating temporary paradoxes, the parallel universes ... there is so much good material to play here that it surprises that a studio like Daedalic Entertainment has not taken advantage of the subject by designing puzzles at the height of a Premise as attractive as this. That puzzles are not bad; They simply meet the right and ready. And that disappoints us. Because in addition these challenges are also somewhat below those we saw at the time in the original trilogy, with some evidence lacking in logic and some rather boring.


It is the general tonic in Deponia Doomsday , a game with too many ups and downs. As soon as you fall in love with his absurd humor and crazy game situations, you are disappointed to never cross that line that separates a good graphic adventure from the greatest of the genre. And there was potential to reach that level. Just look at the numbers. About one hundred characters to interact with and so many locations to explore, all of them hand-drawn with exquisite taste. Here the German study does not usually fail, and although the animations of the protagonists are somewhat discreet, in the visual we speak of an outstanding adventure.




Do you understand our disappointment? There is nothing strictly wrong in Doomsday, but it can not be said that this is the graphic adventure that fans of Deponia expected. And less with that outcome so stupid that it ends up ruining a game that with something more originality in its argumentation, and more worked puzzles, now would be a memorable work. If you have even introduced "action sequences" in the Telltale Games style - although here you can not fail - that they feel very good, giving more variety to the development of the game.


It is also good news that the title is released directly with texts in Spanish , even though the voices are only in English and German. Do you like curios? The bender of Snake in the series Metal Gear Solid, David Hayter , puts voice to the protagonist of the prologue. One of many details that help to enjoy this good graphic adventure that will take you to complete between 15 and 20 hours depending on your skill solving puzzles.


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